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As I was walking in the valley God called life,
I used to walk alone, and I thought it was fine.
With the prowess of my knowledge and talents,
 don’t need others and God: I don’t need a single friend.

And as I venture into the valley of life,
The fog started to blur my sight.
The sight of the valley becomes not friendly,
My walk later on no longer feels merry.

My knowledge and talents no longer pleasures me.
The sight of the people around is a disgusting sight.
I am a solitary soul, lost now in this life,
And I cannot longer tell myself to be alone was fine.

The demons later on are starting to exist in my head,
They started to sing a song saying, “Kill yourself, kill yourself.”
The music they sing becomes the always thought in my mind,
And then later on I told myself, “Seems killing myself sounds fine.”

I have killed myself a thousand times in a single night,
I have been dead in different ways absent in the memories of your sight.
I used to think myself the only hope of this valley is death and only death!
-And If God really exist, I don’t need his Holy Breath!

-One night, in the pitch dark of my thoughts as the devil sings,
My mind is prepared, and my heart no longer cares.
My eyes are itching to see the blood: a blood to pour out in my wrist,
The devils keep singing “Death! Death! Death!”

I was convinced to end my life, but a different voice shouts in my mind,
“Aren’t you afraid of the thought of an almighty God really exists?
He who is merciful, yet he is also a judge, king and nothing is impossible to him?
Have patience my child, have patience my child, let be there peace in your heart.”

I started to hope, a hope if I am not sure of if it is yet to come.
A hope a kind of hope that I treasured and always keep in my heart.
And now I hope with Christ, and put my hope in Christ,
Now I can ascertain, I’ll no longer be lost; this is the valley of life.