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When your world is turning to gray from yellow and blue,
And all your friends are busy and can’t ask “how are you?”
When you are tired to explain if you’re fine,
So you chose to wear your classic fake smile.

So anxiety and depression become your closest friends,
They tell you stories when you’re lying in bed.
The wall and the ceiling become the streaming screen,
And your friends become the narrator of what the story is.

Your real-life-friends might care, and loves you too,
But people change and so are you.
Today they are here, but tomorrow they will be gone.
Don’t love them much, keep yourself some love.

Anxiety and depression just only clings,
They are not your friends so don’t keep them dear.
So promise me not kill yourself; this too shall pass by,
There’s more to live and you will not die!

I am aware you think you are ugly and hates yourself.
But that’s not all about you, so love yourself.
It might be difficult to see, as people can’t see depression or anxiety,
But there is genius somewhere, who can love and see your beauty.

Today might be blue and it is still not okay,
But the sky is blue, which says it is another day.
But that someone will love you too and stay, but maybe not just yet.
So while everything are not fine, at least love yourself.