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It seems to me you are in one-sided-love,
Loving a person you cannot have.
Who seem so near, yet still so far,
And your mind and heart is waging war.
It is a fight your heart or mind neither wins,
It will just leave you exhausted and overthinking.
It will stuck you in your bed with running tears,
Inviting some of the thousands of your fears.
But let me tell you are not ugly my dear,
You just fell in love with a wrong prince.
Your prince is searching for you in kingdoms and mountains,
Killing some dragons and ugly witches.
It might seem a bad life or a cursed fate,
But patience is a virtue, so learn to wait.
He will see you even when you are invisible,
And for sure for him you are beautiful.
Your prince is on his way, on his way,
He is too excited to kiss you on your wedding day.
Though your world is too gray and falling apart,
Your mighty prince will make you feel you’re worthy of love.